JLSUN® Silver Fiber functions:


Silver is highly conductive and can transmit electricity very quickly, As long as a small amount of silver fiber exists in the fabric, it can quickly eliminate static electricity.

2.Electromagnetic radiation proof

Silver’s conductivity determines that it is an ideal electromagnetic radiation shielding material. When the surrounding electromagnetic field contacts the silver fiber fabric, the silver fiber fabric can refract or reflect the electromagnetic wave, or convert it into heat energy to evacuate.

JLSUN® silver fiber can shield more than 99.999% of electromagnetic radiation.

3.Antimicrobial and odor-proof

The excellent antimicrobial function of silver fiber can eliminate more than 650 pathogens, inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate odor.

The antimicrobial properties of silver are derived from silver ions. Because silver ions can form strong binding bonds with some microorganisms for breathing substances (such as some molecules containing oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen), so that these substances can not be used by microorganisms, so that the microorganisms suffocate and die.

JLSUN® silver fiber is the world’s leading antibacterial fabric technology. It has been tested and confirmed that the bacteriostatic rate of Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and E. coli after washing 50 times is greater than 99.9%.

JLSUN® silver fiber is the most effective and safe antimicrobial solution for soft surfaces today.

Performance advantages:

  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial
  • Rapid sterilization, reducing bacteria in one hour
  • Durable, silver ions can repeatedly sterilize, giving textiles permanent antibacterial properties.
  • Safe, not chemical, not nanotechnology, no bacterial resistance, non-toxic.

4. Intelligent electrical conductivity

Silver fiber wire has strong conductivity, strong conductivity, low resistivity and low circuit loss.JLSUN® silver fibers are highly conductive and soft, lightweight, easy to wash, durable, and flexible. They are ideal for smart clothing, power cords, data circuits, and other high-tech applications.

When the silver fiber electrode is used in the medical field, it can be made into wristbands, armbands, hats, vests, underwear and so on, which can realize long-term monitoring of human emG, EEG signals, ECG and heart rate.

5. Regulate body temperature

The silver fiber fabric has good thermal conductivity. In summer, it quickly releases moisture from the skin to lower the body temperature; in winter, it can reflect heat energy to the human body to adjust body temperature to produce the best warmth effect.

JLSUN® Silver FiberFeatures

  1. Suitable for clothes making
  2. Quick dry
  3. Suitable for skin contact and allergy-free
  4. Highly durable
  5. Slow oxidation

Use of JLSUN® Silver fiber 

JLSUN® Silver fiberis widely used in military, medical, aviation and civilian product field based on its functionalities and features.

  1. Cover and coating for electronic and magnetic radiation fragile equipment and devices.
  2. Medical dressing (skin contact) and related
  3. Antimicrobial and odor-proof product
  4. EMP prevention coating and cover
  5. Electromagnetic radiation proof clothing and jumpsuit