“JLSUN”Silver fiber fabric is a must-have new material for super radiation-proof products. This fabric uses the world’s most advanced multi-rake magnetron vacuum sputtering, composite coating and oxidation-resistant finishing process. Sputtered nano elemental silver and fiber are integrated into one body, and the surface of the fabric is formed into a strong oxidation-resistant film structure, which integrates pure silver and environmentally friendly fibers. It has super strong isolation electromagnetic radiation function, shields electromagnetic waves from a wide frequency band of 10MHz-5000MHz, shields more than 99.99% of electromagnetic waves (electromagnetic wave shielding efficiency can be as high as 50~80DB), resistance 0.1-1Ω/cm, single layer wrapped mobile phone can’t be connected, it can be washed 100 times, it is anti-oxidation, anti-sweat, anti-bacteria and deodorant, anti-static, moisture absorption and quick drying, good air permeability, light and soft, it can be worn close to the skin.



Pure Silver Fibres, antistatic, conductive, antiviral, antibacterial solutions.

Jlsun ® formaldehyde-free and durable flame retardant HCF finished pure cotton fabric has ideal flame retardant effect, no formaldehyde, soft hand feel and washing resistance. Even if the flame retardant effect of pure cotton knitted fleece fabric is difficult to reach the standard, using this technology can meet U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) "flammability standards for children's pajamas (16CFR1615 and 16CFR1616)" and Canada "dangerous products (children's pajamas) regulations", and soft hand feel, formaldehyde-free! The formaldehyde-free flame-retardant finishing agent HCF for pure cotton is a durable reactive flame-retardant. It undergoes polymerization or condensation on the inner surface of the cellulose fiber to form a water-insoluble polymer. It is suitable for durable flame-retardant finishing of pure cotton woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, towels, home textile products and decorative fabrics. It is also suitable for durable flame-retardant finishing of cellulose fabrics such as linen and viscose.

Copper yarn

Price: Copper yarn Price  USD/kg 150D/48F 5 75D-600D – – – Product Information Product Name Copper yarn Product Number C1

Fitted bed sheet – Antimicrobial and anti-mite

Product Information Product Name Fitted bed sheet – Antimicrobial and anti-mite Product Number B2 Available Inventory On demand Producing method

Velvet – Antiviral, Anti-mite and antibacterial

Product Information The velvet can effectively inhibit harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Klebsiella pneumoniae, etc.

Antiviral and antimicrobial fabric

Product Name Antiviral and antimicrobial fabric Product Number A1 Counts of yarn 40S×40S Producing method Woven Compositiona minimum (It can

Anti-virus and anti-bacterial cotton double-layer gauze (for mask)

Effective against key virus types: Coronavirus (229E),H1N1, H3N2, …

Antiviral and antibacterial staple fibre

Effective against key virus types: H1N1, H3N2, Coronavirus (229E)...

Sample Inquire

Price: free Product Name Product ID Number More Details: Free Sample 210mm×297mm / (Size of a common A4 printing paper)


JLSUN Silver fibres, the exclusive opportunity of coating yarns longlastingly with silver.